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Religious - Spiritual

Organization Name:  Chinese Gospel Church
Organization Overview:  Chinese Gospel Church 中华福音教会是由密西根地 区,相信主耶稣的悔改福音,用他宝血所买赎来的人组成,一同寻求神的带领,分享在神 面前的喜乐与事工,并同心合意兴旺福音,见证主的救恩,荣耀神的圣名。
Language:  Mandarin Chinese,Mandarin Chinese
Cultures:  Chinese
Street:  Chinese Gospel Church, 35301 Five Mile Rd.,
City/Township:  Livonia
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48154
Country:  USA
Phone:  (734) 464-7077
Organization Overview:  We are Latvian diaspora congregation in Grand Rapids, MI. Our Synod affiliation is the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (LELCA). LELCA is part of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad with its current Archbishop E. Rozītis residing in Germany. Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Grand Rapids was founded in 1980 as two Latvian Lutheran congregations of Grand Rapids merged. New church building was dedicated in 1986. Pastors serving Latvian Lutheran refugee/ diaspora community since late 1940s have been: Dean Alberts Ozols, pastor Kristaps Hermanis, pastor Janis Lazda, pastor Janis Mednis. Pastor Ilze Larsen is congregation's current minister since 1999. Our worship is in Latvian with some English addition. All Church festival worships are in both languages. Worship time is 10 am. Please, follow information about worship schedule.
Language:  English,Latvian
Cultures:  Latvian
Street:  1780 Knapp St NE
City/Township:  Grand Rapids
State:  MI
Zip Code:  49505
Country:  USA
Phone:  (616) 361-6003
Organization Name:  Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Center
Organization Overview:  Islamic mosque "Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani"
Language:  Arabic,English
Cultures:  Arabic,Multicultural
Street:  1730 W Auburn Rd,
City/Township:  Rochester
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48309
Country:  USA
Phone:  (248) 293-0072
Organization Name:  Albanian Islamic Center
Organization Overview:  The Albanian Islamic Center, built in Harper Woods in 1963, boasts a distinctive Balkan-style dome and minaret. With a prayer area, offices, large social hall, classrooms, and kitchen, the mosque serves an old Albanian American community (already well established in the 1940s) and new Muslim immigrants from Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, and other Balkan countries. The center provides weekend religious instruction in Arabic, Albanian, and English along with other educational and service programs. The Albanian Islamic Center is open to Muslims from all ethnic backgrounds, but immigrants from Europe and their descendents form its core membership and predominate on its board. The Center’s founder and first imam, Vehbi Ismail, came to Detroit in 1949 and established the Albanian American Moslem Society in the same year. Imam Ismail was an active Muslim leader on the national stage, a scholar and author of many books in Albanian and English, and an Albanian nationalist who worked vigorously to end communist rule in Albania and guarantee religious freedom for its citizens. Imam Shuajb Gerguri became acting head of the mosque in 1996 upon Imam Ismail’s retirement.
Language:  Albanian,English
Cultures:  Albanian,American,Macedonian
Street:  19775 Harper Ave.
City/Township:  Harper Woods
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48225
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 884-6676
Fax No:  (313) 884-3993
Organization Name:  Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum
Organization Overview:  82 years in Greater Detroit (1931-2013) ~ Honoring Our Past ... Celebrating Our Future ~
Language:  Armenian,English
Cultures:  All,Armenian
Street:  22001 Northwestern Highway
City/Township:  Southfield
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48075
Country:  USA
Organization Name:  All Nations Lutheran Church
Organization Overview:  All Nations Lutheran Church of Michigan is a friendly community of Indian and Pakistani Christians. We come together for worship, Bible study, fellowship and cultural celebrations for the purpose of growing in Christ and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. All Nations Lutheran Church worships in Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi Language. This ministry began in 1996, when Rev. Khurram Mehdi Khan and his family moved here from Canada while he was already serving at POBLO International Ministries in Dearborn Heights. All Nations Congregation was the first Church plant done by POBLO International Ministries. The Purpose of developing this congregation was to bring people from different cultures together. So that, they can worship in the language of their heart. At All Nations Lutheran Church, the Music is played with Indian instruments and the praise & worship is also in Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi language.
Language:  English,Hindi,Punjabi,Urdu
Cultures:  All,Indian,Pakistani
Street:  37635 Dequindre Road
City/Township:  Troy
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48083
Country:  USA
Phone:  586-580-9716
Organization Overview:  We are a Catholic parish, Somos una parroquia católica, located in Southwest Detroit, situada en el suroeste de Detroit, that is culturally diverse, que es culturalmente diversa, ethnically rich, and étnicamente rica y spiritually focused. espiritualmente centrado.
Language:  English,Spanish
Cultures:  All,American,Hispanic,Latin American,Mexican,Multicultural
Street:  7824 W. Fort St.
City/Township:  Detroit
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48209
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 841-1428
Organization Name:  American Druze Society
Organization Overview:  The primary purposes of the Society are to perpetuate the universal teachings of the Druze faith, the enhancement of fellowship among Druze descendants, the advancement of Druze religious, literary and cultural knowledge through education and research, and the betterment of all Druze people through charitable work. Druze emigration to North America began in the nineteenth century. The Druzes were settled in the areas of southern Syria, Lebanon, and Galilee. These people have preserved their identity wherever they have resided, and they have remained a closely integrated society. They have always defended and preserved their independence, and they have upheld their virtue. The inflow of the Druze immigrants increased in the beginning of the 20th century. America was the melting pot of various cultures and traditions. It was essential for the Druze to sustain their identity, culture and faith. The ingenuity of the Druze in this respect has been the driving force for their survival and their history in America. Therefore, early Druze settlers established a system and an organization which was designed to protect the Druze identity, culture, faith as well to serve the Druze brethren in the highest traditions of "Bani Marouf." These concepts and undercurrents caused the creation of the first Druze organization in America in 1908. Branch #2 El-Bakaurat Ed-Dirziyat in Detroit, Michigan was founded May 27, 1917. The branch started through the efforts of Farris Hassen Abou Ghader from Cleveland, Ohio. The address of Branch #2 El-Bakaurat Ed-Dirziyat in Detroit, Michigan was 1337 East Palmer Street. The first officers of Branch #2 El-Bakaurat Ed-Dirziyat in Detroit were: Abbas Salman Abou Ghanem, Ali Salman Abou Ghanem, Khattar Moustafa Abou Shakra, Mahmoud Ali Dargham, Ibrahim Ali Dargham. It included members living in the surrounding areas of Flint and Saginaw. It has always been the cornerstone of many Druze achievements in the West, and particularly the American Druze Society. It remained a very strong branch of the El-Bakaurat Ed-Dirziyat until the years 1973-74 when it joined the ADS as Chapter #1."
Language:  Arabic,English
Cultures:  Arabic,Iraqi,Lebanese,Syrian
Street:  4945 S Beech Daly St
City/Township:  Dearborn Heights
State:  MI
Zip Code:   48125
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 799-druze (3789)
Website:  http://druze.org/
Organization Name:  American Moslem Bekaa Center
Organization Overview:  The American Moslem Bekaa Center is located on Chase Road, south of Hemlock in East Dearborn. In addition to Friday prayer in both Arabic and English, the center offers Qur'an teaching for children on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 2pm, Sunday Arabic school from 10am until 1pm, and women's lectures on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm.
Language:  Arabic,English
Cultures:  American,Arabic
Street:  6110 Chase Rd.
City/Township:  Dearborn
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48126
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 846-3498
Fax No:  (313) 846-0215
Organization Name:  American Moslem Society
Organization Overview:  The American Moslem Society is a non profit, independent organization which was established in the year of 1938 to be the first Islamic organization that has existed since then.
Language:  Arabic,English
Cultures:  All,Arabic
Street:  9945 W. Vernor Hwy
City/Township:  Dearborn
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48120
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 849-2147
Fax No:  (313) 849-4164
Organization Name:  American Muslim Center
Organization Overview:  The American Muslim Center works for the welfare of the community. It establishes goodness and virtue. It eradicates evil and vice. It facilitates prosperity among all the people. “Those who, if We give them power in the land, establish regular worship and pay in charity and promote what is right and inhibit what is wrong.” Qura’nic reference 22:41. It is a non-profit, charitable, educational, religious, social, cultural and scientific organization, educating the American society about Islam and promoting a positive relationship with all communities in the United States.
Language:  Arabic,English
Cultures:  American,Arabic
Street:  21110 Outer Dr.
City/Township:  Dearborn
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48124
Country:  USA
Phone:  (313) 565 - 9314
Fax No:  (313) 565 - 9315
Organization Overview:  Islamic worship
Street:  44760 Ryan Road,
City/Township:  Sterling Heights
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48314
Country:  USA
Phone:  (586) 804-7130
Organization Overview:  AMS- a non-profit association representing Muslims in Coldwater MI. The society practices & conducts religious, social, & educational activities.
Language:  Arabic,English
Cultures:  Multicultural,Yemeni
Street:  123 Perkins Street
City/Township:  Coldwater
State:  MI
Zip Code:  49036
Country:  USA
Phone:  (517) 278-6291
Organization Overview:  歡迎您來參加我們的聚會,我們是一個以中文為主,由來自於中國大陸、台灣、及東南亞等地的弟兄姐妹所組成的教會。目的是為了傳揚基督的福音,裝備聖徒,來完成神的聖工。為了達到這個目的, 神賜給我們許多忠心愛主愛人, 願意事奉神和眾人的弟兄姐妹, 在牧師的帶領下按正意分解聖經, 維護真理, 完成神所托負的大使命。 我們積極推動成人主日學,使人人不是學生即是老師,在聖經真理中成長, 抵擋異教之風,成為安城的明燈。 我們的團契活動也是弟兄姐妹活潑交通的聚會。在每次的聚會中,我們有深入的交通,彼此在愛裡的分享,或是熱烈的討論查經。 下一代的教育也是我們非常注重的。機乎每一次的聚會都有很完整的兒童活動,讓孩子們從小在教會裡培養出敬神愛人的人生觀。 再一次歡迎您來參加我們的大家庭,與我們一起敬拜主,一起活在愛的關懷裡。 安城華人基督教會 Welcome to the website of English Congregation, a ministry to the multicultural communities of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. With people from over ten different countries, from adults to youth, we seek to obey and carry out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, to help each other to grow closer to God through Bible Study Fellowships and cell groups, and to equip Christians who will then go out to change the lives of others in the world.
Language:  Mandarin Chinese,English,Mandarin Chinese,Taiwanese
Cultures:  All,Asian,Chinese,Taiwanese
Street:  1750 Dhu Varren Road
City/Township:  Ann Arbor
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48105
Country:  USA
Phone:  (734) 668-9128
Fax No:  (734) 929-4873
Organization Name:  Armenian Congregational Church
Organization Overview:  The Armenian Congregational Church of Detroit was started in 1913, when Armenian survivors of the Turkish persecution first began to settle in the Detroit area. The Armenian Congregational Church was born, thanks, in large part to the pioneering efforts of several clergymen. These volunteers, mainly pastors and teachers, conducted Armenian Evangelical services in Detroit, and it was in 1917 that regular Sunday Worship services started. In 1920, the Armenian Congregational Church was formed into a church with 22 communicant members. Two years later, in 1922, the Armenian Congregational Church in the city of Detroit was incorporated with 42 Charter members. In 1925 the church building on the corner of Hamilton and Collingwood Avenue was purchased with the adjacent lot and parish house. In 1931 the Sunday school was organized both with a children’s department and an adult class. The “Church Bulletin” (in Armenian) was also started at this time. It was the year 1945 the Christian Endeavor was re-organized, and the Young Adults group was formed. As the church grew its Hamilton building became inadequate for the needs of the congregation. This led to the purchase of the church edifice at Twelfth and Davison in 1951. The parking lot adjacent to the church was acquired in 1953, and in 1959 the Sunday School Extension was completed. Soon times changed again, as did the needs of the congregation with the great movement of Armenians to the suburbs. It became evident that the church needed to move again, and in 1967 the groundbreaking ceremonies of the present church building at Twelve Mile Road, in Southfield, were held and the building of the church was started. In the early 1970s the Christian Education needs of the congregation led to the conversion of one third of the fellowship hall into Sunday school classrooms, and the remaining hall was later expanded with stage and new kitchen facilities. It was also during this time that the church was able to pay off the remainder of its mortgage and be debt free. Early in 1997, the Armenian Christian Education Center was completed and dedicated, and the “Marderus Kadian Educational Fund” was established. In the many years of this church’s existence many changes have taken place, but one thing has never changed, and that is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Language:  Armenian,English
Cultures:  Armenian
Street:  26210 W 12 Mile Rd,
City/Township:  Southfield
State:  MI
Zip Code:  48037
Country:  USA
Phone:  (248) 352-0680
Fax No:  (248) 352-5568